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Professors/Associate Professors/Assistant Professors(AI+IoT)

Source:       Time:2021-05-25

Institute for AI Industry Research (AIR), Tsinghua University, founded by world-class multi-media and AI scientist and entrepreneur Dr. Ya-Qin Zhang, is an applied research institute geared towards industrialization of AI technology in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Our mission is to apply AI to empower industrial and social advancement. By closing the gap of technology transfer between academia and industry, AIR tackles key technology bottlenecks, cultivates AI industrial leaders, and pushes the envelope of industry development.

Utilizing 5G, IoT, big data, deep learning, cloud computing and other cutting-edge technologies, and centering around such use cases as smart office, smart home, smart city, and industrial IoT, scholars at AIR will work on building a cloud-to-end smart operating system and platform architecture based on self-sensing, self-learning, self-adaption, and decision-making, explore how to use a human-device-service IoT information platform to seamlessly connect users, services and the industry. Conducting innovative theoretical research and tackling key AI technology bottlenecks, AIR aims to create a next-generation AIoT industry ecosystem and decision-making mechanism to empower the industry digitalization and upgrade and incubate new smart industries.

Job responsibilities:

With the help of one or several of the following AI technologies, carry out research in areas such as multimodal knowledge acquisition and perception, edge intelligence based on safe computing, and smart manufacturing for AIoT products, realize integrated cloud-edge-end computing to empower industrial application, produce influential scientific research results, increase the presence of such research in the academia and the industry, and promote the industrial application of such research:

  • Speech/vision/NLP algorithms, neuromorphic computing, DBMS, knowledge graph, statistical models, and data analysis;

  • Ultra-low-power edge computing, edge analysis and edge intelligence, cyber security and system security, data security and privacy protection;

  • End-device data collection, smart sensing, autonomous decision-making and action.

Qualifications and requirements:

  • Candidates should hold a doctoral degree (for no more than three years and be under 35 years old, if applying for a post-doc position) in computer science, electronic information, automation, applied mathematics, pattern recognition and intelligence systems, artificial intelligence or other related majors;

  • Candidates should have an internationally recognized influence in the academia, and distinguished academic achievements; or ample experience in the industry, and outstanding achievements in the application of research results;

  • Candidates should have an ideal in scientific research, show extraordinary abilities in raising questions and solving problems when doing research, have good communication and teamwork abilities, and acknowledge the AIR culture.

Salary and benefits

  • First-class research environment, internationally competitive salary, and Tsinghua-offered benefits;

  • An open and committed academic atmosphere, and ample start-up funds;

  • Tsinghua research strengths coupled with top-tier enterprise resources, providing abundant data and scenarios for platform technology innovation;

  • Comprehensive and convenient mechanisms for research results conversion and project incubation.

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