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Research Engineers(AI+Transportation)

Source:       Time:2021-05-15

Job responsibilities:

Carry out research that enables AI Transportation, and develop industrial applications of the following research areas:

  • Machine learning/deep learning/reinforced learning algorithms, including statistical machine learning models, efficient neural networks, representation learning, self-supervised learning, graph representation learning, adversarial learning, multimodal and large-scale pre-training;

  • Decision-making optimization in autonomous driving, V2X and smart transportation systems, using reinforcement learning, multi-agent learning, and large-scale optimization;

  • Computer vision, including image classification and image segmentation;

  • Machine learning systems;

  • Intelligent information retrieval, such as ranking, neural information retrieval, recommendation systems, user mining and modeling.

Qualifications and requirements:

  • Candidates should be graduates from well-known universities with a degree in computer science, electronic engineering, automation, transportation, applied mathematics, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, or other related majors;

  • Candidates should have at least three years of working experience at renowned research institutes, or leading companies, in related fields;

  • Candidates should have academic or industrial experience in autonomous driving, V2X, or smart transportation system building;

  • Candidates should be proficient in NLP/ML/DL models and algorithms (e.g. GBDT/MLP/CNN/RNN/LSTM/Transformer), and familiar with reinforcement learning algorithms;

  • Candidates should be skilled in one or more mainstream deep learning frameworks (Caffe, TensorFlow, PyTorch, PaddlePaddle), and familiar with their architecture and implementation mechanisms;

  • Candidates should have extraordinary abilities in identifying and solving key research problems, with strong communication and teamwork skills.


  • Open and collaborative academic atmosphere, and a chance to work with great minds;

  • Research platform at Tsinghua with abundant data and top-tier industrial resources;

  • Mature pipeline for technology industrialization and incubation.

  • Good work-life balance, and comfortable work environment.

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