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AIR Insights|Prof. NIE Zaiqing: Security and Trustworthiness are at the Core of AI Governance

Source:       Time:2022-12-13

On 10 December 2022, Prof. NIE Zaiqing, Principal Researcher of AIR, attended the International Forum on AI Cooperation and Governance (Main Forum II - AI Governance Technology Forum) and delivered a keynote speech on Trusted AI Technologies and Applications. Prof. NIE Zaiqing said: "Secure and trustworthiness are at the core of AI governance. He pointed out that secure and trustworthy AI technologies and products need to have the following three characteristics: firstly, the AI technologies and products themselves must be secure and controllable, including the internal reliability of the system and security against external attacks; secondly, the data used to train AI will become one of the core assets of organisations and individuals, and the private asset properties of the data and user privacy must be protected; thirdly, the behaviour and recommendations must be interpretable.

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