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Small Building Block, Big Wisdom | Tsinghua AIR×Qi Meng, Upgrading the Toy Industry

Source:       Time:2021-11-03

Creating your own personalized blocks with just one photo? That's right! Recently, AIR and Qi Meng jointly launched the world's first AI customized building block product “Fang Zai Photo Studio”, which can design 3D personalized blocks based on flat photos and deliver them quickly through flexible production, so that a large number of blocks can be customized in a short time, bringing a fun and surprising product experience to more users.


Customizing a block figure from a photo may seem simple, but in fact there is a hidden secret. To achieve this innovation, the team faces great challenges in intelligent design, interactive experience and intelligent manufacturing. AIR and Qi Meng are working together to be the pioneer of China's manufacturing transformation.

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