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Yilun Chen  Professor of Engineering

Dr. Yilun Chen is the Chief Expert of AI Robotics at Institute for AI Industry Research (AIR), Tsinghua University, the Director of AIR Innovation Center and the Executive Director of Wuxi AIR Innovation Center. He obtained Ph.D. from Department of EECS, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, and bachelor and master degrees from Depart of EE, Tsinghua University. He has more than 30 publications with over 2000 citations, and holds 16 patents. He is a Professor of Engineering in the area of Artificial Intelligence, and is a member of Zhejiang Thousand Talent Plan. Dr. Chen has profound experiences in technology leadership and product development. Before joining AIR, he served as CTO/Chief Scientist of Autonomous Driving at Huawei Intelligent Automative Solution Business Unit, where he was responsible for advanced autonomous driving solution and led the technology development from zero to one. He was also Chief Engineer of Machine Vision at DJI, Vice President of Engineering at Join Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd, and Technology Expert/Program Manager at Eaton Corp. USA.

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