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Jiangtao GongAssistant Researcher / Assistant Professor

Dr. Jiangtao Gong is currently an Assistant professor at Institute for AI Industry Research (AIR), Tsinghua University. She used to be a senior researcher at the Technology Strategy and Innovation Platform of Lenovo Research. She is responsible for the R&D related to human-computer interaction, experience design and human factors in intelligent systems. Her Ph.D. was superwised under Professor Xu Yingqing, the director of the Future Laboratory, Tsinghua University and her postdoctoral co-supervisor is Dr. Rui Yong, the global CTO of Lenovo Group, and Dr. Wang Qianying, the Vice President of Lenovo Group.

Dr. Jiangtao Gong's main research interest is human-computer interaction system design in learning, work and other strong cognitive activity scenarios. She has a rich interdisciplinary learning and research experience. She studied in the School of Software, Tsinghua University as an undergraduate and obtained her second degree in digital entertainment design. As a graduate student, she went to the Future Laboratory of Tsinghua University to conduct human-computer interaction research based on cognitive behavioral science and cognitive neuroscience, and won honors such as Beijing Excellent Doctoral graduate and department Graduate Representative. As the Project Leader of lenovo's HoloBoard from zero to one, which was shortlisted for the Reimagine Education Award, an international education Oscar.

Jiangtao Gong has been sub-project PI and undertaken a number of vertical research projects including national Key Research and Development Program and Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. She published more than 10 top conferences or journal papers in the field of human-computer interaction (such as CHI, UIST, ASSETS, JCAD&CG, etc.), and obtained more than 10 China and US invention patents.

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2013-2018 Ph.D. , The Future Lab, Tsinghua University

2008-2013 B.E. , School of Software, Tsinghua University


since 2022 Assistant Professor, Institute for AI Industry Research, Tsinghua University

2018-2022 Postdoctoral fellow/Senior Reseacher, Lenovo Research

Research Interests:

Human-Computer Interaction, Cognitive Science, Human-Centered AI, Experience Design, Human Factor Engineering

Selected Publications:

1.  GUO Siling&,Tianchen Sun&, GONG, Jiangtao*, Zhicong Lu, ZHANG Liuxin, WANG Qianying. “Remote Co-teaching in Rural Classroom: Current Practices, Impacts, and Challenges”. ACM SIGCHI 2022.

2.  GONG Jiangtao*, HAN Teng, GUO Siling,LI Jiannan, ZHA Siyu, ZHANG Liuxin, WANG Qianying, Rui Yong. “HoloBoard: a Large-format Immersive Teaching Board based on pseudo HoloGraphics”. UIST 2021.

3.  GONG Jiangtao*, YAO Zheng, LU Zhicong , DING Qicheng, ZHANG Yu, ZHANG Liuxin, WANG Qianying. “All in One Group: Current Practices, Lessons and Challenges of Chinese Home-School Communication in IM Group Chat”. ACM SIGCHI 2021

4.  Zhiqiang Zhan, Jianyu Zhao, Yang Zhang, Gong Jiangtao, Qianying Wang, Qi Shen, Liuxin Zhang.“Grabbing the Long Tail: A data normalization method for diverse and informative dialogue generation”. Neurocomputing 2021.10.

5.  GONG, Jiangtao, YU Wenyuan, NI long, JIAO Yang, LIU Ye, FU Xiaolan, XU Yingqing. “I can't name it, but I can perceive it: Conceptual and Operational Design of Tactile Accuracy Assisting Tactile Image Cognition”. ACM SIGACCESS 2020.

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