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Yanyan Lan  Professor

Dr. Yanyan Lan is currently professor of AIR, Tsinghua University. From July 2011 to February 2021, she worked as a professor at Institute of Computing Technology, CAS. Her research fields are information retrieval, machine learning and natural language processing. She published 80 papers on major international AI and ML journals and conferences. Her paper on Learning to Rank and Neural Search won the Best Student Paper Award of SIGIR 2012 and the Best Paper RunnerUp Award of CIKM2017, respectively. She is a candidate for Excellent Members of CAS Youth Innovation Promotion Association, Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence Young Scientist, and the recipient of the First Prize of Qian Weichang Chinese Information Processing Science and Technology Award. She has been invited to serve as the PC co-chair of CIKM short track, SIGIR summer school, or PC members for a dozen of top conferences including WWW/WebConf, SIGIR, NeurIPS, ICLR, ICML, IJCAI, AAAI, KDD, ACL, ICTIR, as well as editorial board member of The journal of Artificial Intelligence or reviewer of IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE), ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS), ACM Transactions on Web (TWEB), and etc. Her team’s current research focus is AI+Healthcare, and their work on large scale pretraining model for genomics has won the champion of DeeCamp 2021.

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2005-2011 Chinese Academy of Sciences Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences (Supervisor: Academician Zhiming Ma) PhD

2001-2005 Shandong University Statistics B.E.


2021 till now Institute of AI Industrial Research, Tsinghua University Researcher

2019-2021 Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Researcher

2018-2019 UC Berkeley Visiting Scholar

2013-2019 Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Associate Researcher

2011-2013 Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Assistant Researcher

Research Fields:

Dr. Yanyan Lan has an excellent academic record. Her research fields are information retrieval and machine learning. During her time at Institute of Computing Technology, CAS, she headed the Department of Data Science, Key Lab of Network Data Science and Technology, and led the team in fundamental research information retrieval theories, computing paradigms, and interactive mechanisms. Her team’s research went beyond the basic theoretical hypothesis of information retrieval, built the Learning to Rank theory, and came up with a framework for relation-based Learning to Rank and a computing model for deep matching, which shifted information retrieval from a static ranking of results to a dynamic generation of information, greatly improving the utility of information retrieval. Dr. Yanyan Lan published 57 papers on top international conferences and periodicals ranked A-level by China Computer federation. Her H-index stands at 29 and her research has been cited 3800 times on Google cholar. She is the recipient of the Best Student Paper Award of SIGIR 2012 and the Best Paper RunnerUp Award of CIKM 2017, both top international conferences in the area of information retrieval. Her research in this area also won her Microsoft Fellowship, enrollment in Microsoft Star Track program, the title of Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence Young Scientist, and membership of CAS Youth Innovation Promotion Association.

Dr. Yanyan Lan’s academic services cover serving as a long-term (senior) PC member and reviewer for international academic conferences and journals. She was the Chair of SIGIR 2020 Summer School, Chair of CIKM 2020 Short Papers Program Committee, Chair of YSSNLP 2020. She is also a Senior Member of China Computer Federation (CCF), Executive Member of CCF Committee on Terminology, Member of CCF Women’s Committee; Deputy Director of Committee on Communications and Mathematics, China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics; Member of Committee on Machine Learning, Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence; and Member of CIPSC Committee on Information Retrieval, Chinese Information Processing Society of China.

Dr. Yanyan Lan started supervising students in 2011 and has so far been supervisor to 2 master candidates and 5 doctoral candidates. Her graduate students now work in research institutes such as CAS Institute of Computing Technology and CAS Institute of Software, and Internet companies such as Baidu, Bytedance and JD.com. In 2015, Dr. Yanyan Lan opened machine learning courses at undergraduate and graduate levels in University of Chinese Academy of Science, and her courses have been popular with students ever since.

Selected Publications:

1. Jianing Li&, Yanyan Lan*, Jiafeng Guo, and Xueqi Cheng. On the Relation between Quality-Diversity Evaluation and Distribution-Fitting Goal in Text Generation, ICML2020.

2. Yimeng Chen&, Yanyan Lan*, Ruibin Xiong, Liang Pang, Zhiming Ma and Xueqi Cheng. Evaluating Natural Language Generation via Unbalanced Optimal Transport, IJCAI2020.

3. Hainan Zhang&, Yanyan Lan*, Liang Pang, Hongshen Chen, Zhuoye Ding, and Dawei Yin. Modeling Topical Relevance for Multi-Turn Dialogue Generation, IJCAI2020.

4. Jianing Li&, Yanyan Lan*, Jiafeng Guo, Jun Xu and Xueqi Cheng.Differentiated Distribution Recovery for Neural Text Generation, AAAI2019.

5. Liang Pang&, Yanyan Lan*, Jiafeng Guo, Jun Xu, Lixin Su and Xueqi Cheng. HAS-QA: Hierarchical Answer Spans Model for Open-domain Question Answering, AAAI2019.

6. Hainan Zhang&, Yanyan Lan*, Liang Pang, Jiafeng Guo and Xueqi Cheng,ReCoSa: Detecting the Relevant Contexts with Self-Attention for Multi-turn Dialogue Generation, ACL2019.

7. Liang Pang&, Yanyan Lan*, Jiafeng Guo, Jun Xu, Shengxian Wan, and Xueqi Cheng, Text Matching as Image Recognition, AAAI2016.

8. Yadong Zhu&, Yanyan Lan*, Jiafeng Guo, and Xueqi Cheng, Learning for Search Result Diversification, SIGIR2014.

9. Yanyan Lan*, Jiafeng Guo, Xueqi Cheng, Tie-Yan Liu. Statistical Consistency of Ranking Methods in A Rank-Differentiable Probability Space, NIPS2012.

10. Shuzi Niu&, Jiafeng Guo, Yanyan Lan*, and Xueqi Cheng, Top-k Learning to Rank: Labeling, Ranking, and Evaluation, SIGIR2012.

11. Transductive Learning for Unsupervised Text Style Transfer, EMNLP2021.

12. Adaptive Information Seeking for Open-Domain Question Answering, EMNLP2021. HotPotQA Winner

13. Match-Ignition: Plugging PageRank into Transformer for Long-form Text Matching, CIKM2021.

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