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Tsinghua AIR & Peking University & Intel | What if AI can't understand "He/She/It"? Verbs become a new Breakthrough for Robots

Source:       Time:2022-11-30

What if AI can't understand "He/She/It?" Researchers have come up with a new way of coping: making AI learn to understand verbs.

The authors of the paper are from AIR, Peking University and Intel Research, and AIR’s Dean Ya-Qin Zhang is one of the authors. The paper is now officially included in NeurIPS 2022 and the related model has been open sourced. The paper proposes a framework called TOIST. TOIST, or Task Oriented Instance Segmentation Transformer, is a new Transformer-based instance segmentation scheme.

The authors responded to the original idea for this research by saying that "our lab is actually responsible for research on robots, but in our research we have found that users sometimes prefer to describe 'needs' to robots rather than tell them what to do directly."

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