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The RoboMaster is a platform for robotic competitions and academic exchange founded by Da-Jiang Innovations (DJI), designed specifically for global technology enthusiasts. Since its establishment in 2013, RoboMaster has been committed to its mission – "empowering young learners to transform their world with the power of engineering and technology" , in order to attract bright engineering talents with interdisciplinary abilities and showcase the possibilities of technological innovation to audiences around the globe.

Institute for AI Industry Research (AIR), Tsinghua University, focuses on applied research geared towards the internationalization, intelligentization, and industrialization of the fourth technological revolution. Driven by academia-industry innovations simultaneously, AIR aims at making breakthroughs in core AI technologies, training future industry-leaders, and achieving industrial leapfrog progress. AIR was founded in 2020 by Dr. Ya-Qin Zhang, world-class scientist and entrepreneur in multi-media and AI.

Co-organized by AIR, Tsinghua University and DJI, the RoboMaster University Sim2Real Challenge at ICRA 2022 aims to optimize the system performance of a real-world robotic task which consists of perception, navigation and manipulation. Participants can conduct unrestrained experiments in the simulator, and can not directly access the real-world robot. Correspondingly, organizers will receive submissions from participants and complete the real-world deployment and the system validation at restrained time periods.

Season Schedule

  Date Activities Notes
  Feb 15, 2022 Release of competition rules and relevant materials /
  Feb 16, 2022 - Feb 28, 2022 Registration RoboMaster official website
RoboMaster official website(English)
  Mar 1, 2022 - Mar 30, 2022 Simulator test Teams complete the challenge mission according to the instruction from github or gitee
  Mar 31, 2022 Technical assessment Based on the ranking of simulator test
·Qualified teams shortlisted
·Double-confirming competition details
  Apr 1, 2022 - May 15, 2022 Sim2Real test Organizors deploy each teams' submitted codes in physical environment, and provide feedback data and video respectively
  May 16, 2022 - May 20, 2022 Code submission Each team is allowed to submit the codes only for once
  ICRA2022 Final Competition Participating teams are not required to arrive on-site


RoboMaster University Sim2Real Challenge (RMUS) is an international competition open to all university students. As long as you are passionate about robotics and eager to compete, it's time to register for RMUS which will be hold at ICRA 2022.

Registration system (English):

Registration system (Chinese):

Simulator Test

The Simulator Test lasts from March 1 to March 30. During this stage, teams will focus on developing algorithms in a simulated environment and completing the challenge mission according to the instruction from github or gitee.

All teams will be required to submit a technical report (Chinese templete) (English templete) before 23:59, 26 Mar, 2022 (GMT+8). Finalists (which teams can pass the technical assessment stage) will be qualified based on the score in two parts:

30% Technical Report score + 70% Simulator Test score

If you encounter any problems in the simulator test phase, you can submit the problems to the issue on github and gitee, find answers in the FAQ List (English) or FAQ List (Chinese) (update everay monday), or contact us via the email:

Simulator Test Instrucion (Github):

Simulator Test Instrucion (Gitee):

Every teams' code has been tested 3 times and the highest test score is used to calculate the total score. According to the rules, only one team from each school can pass the technical assessment. The list of teams that can pass the technical assessment and enter the Sim2Real Test stage is as follows. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email or Wechat group.

  University Team Finish Time Test Score Report Score Total Score
 Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen 南工骁鹰 34.55s 100 83.3 95.0
 Dalian University of Technology 开天 43.10s 86.7 96.7 89.7
 Tsinghua University 影式车手 38.70s 93.3 73.3 87.3
 Beijing University of Chemical Technology 777 36.26s 96.7 61.7 86.2
 Northwestern Polytechnical University Firefly 70.20s 76.7 88.3 80.2
 South China University of Technology 再无相思寄巫山 43.43s 83.3 51.7 73.8
 South China Agricultural University 梦想开拓者 72.26s 70.0 70.0 70.0
 Shenzhen Technology University FSR 70.30s 73.3 60.0 69.3
 Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology 阳光 75.57s 66.7 65.0 66.2
 Universigy of California, Riverside ARCS 77.24s 63.3 70.0 65.3
 Central South University FYT 43.70s 80.0 26.7 64.0
 Nanyang Technological University MLDA Robotics 90.37s 56.7 50.0 54.7
 Wuhan Institute of Technology Aurora 102.60s 43.3 70.0 51.3
 Dongguan University of Technology ACE 91.49s 53.3 33.3 47.3
 Beijing Institute of Technology TUF 96.24s 50.0 40.0 47.0
 University of Science and Technology Beijing 过拟合 124.40s 36.7 68.3 46.2
 Karlsruhe Insititute of Technology RoboIRS 138.36s 26.7 63.3 37.7
 Jimei University 集光 98.97s 46.7 13.3 36.7
 Shanghai Jiao Tong University 精锐克星 129.38s 30.0 36.7 32.0
 Fuzhou University 嘤嘤嘤novation 106.73s 40.0 11.7 31.5
 Guangdong Ocean University 智控Robot 127.68s 33.3 23.3 30.3
 Nanjing Tech University BlueSpace 209.85s 10.0 71.7 28.5
 Jilin University 晨曦 242.59s 6.7 66.7 24.7
 National University of Defense Technology AlmostHuman 155.05s 23.3 20.0 22.3
 Harbin Engineering University Nooploop创梦之翼 198.14s 16.7 30.0 20.7
 Northeastern University TDT 201.39s 13.3 35.0 19.8
 Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics NRC 273.10s 3.3 45.0 15.8

Sim2Real Test

The Sim2Real Test lasts from April 4, 2022, to May 15, 2022. During this stage, teams that pass the technical assessment will focus on addressing the challenging sim2real problems and transferring the policy from the simulator to real world.

This stage is divided into 4 parts:

· Detaction of exchange station
· Localization and Navigation of EP
· Grasp the cube
· Overall test

Teams should complete the above 4 tests sequentially. For example, teams can only enter the "Localization and Navigation of EP" test stage after passing the "Detection of exchange station" stage.

Teams can submit the code through the registration system and email. We will deploy each teams' submitted codes in the real-world environment, and provide feedback data and video respectively through the registration system or email.

Notice: The ranking will be based on the length of the finishing time. The shorter the finishing time, the higher the ranking.

Final Results

During the competition, part of the universities where the teams were located were affected by the epidemic. Thanks to the perseverance and hard work of everyone, we overcame the difficulties together and completed the competition successfully. Since different regions were affected by the epidemic to different extents, and to encourage the students to defy the hardship and challenges during this particular period, the committee decided to add more second and third places to the original prizes.

The detailed list of winners is as follows (second, third and honorable prizes are in no particular order):

  Prize Ranking University     Team
  Grand price First place Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen 南工骁鹰
  First prize Second place Tsinghua University 影式车手
Third place Nanyang Technological University MLDA Robotics
Fourth place Dalian University of Technology 开天
  Second prize Names not listed in order Northwestern Polytechnical University Firefly
South China University Of Technology 华南虎
South China Agricultural University 梦想开拓者
Shenzhen Technology University FSR
University of California, Riverside ARCS
Central South University FYT
Wuhan Institute of Technology Aurora
Beijing Institute Of Technology TUF
University Of Science & Technology Beijing 过拟合
Jimei University 集光
Nanjing Tech University BlueSpace
Jilin University 晨曦
Northeastern University TDT
Xi`an University of Architecture and Technology 阳光
Dongguan University Of Technology ACE
Fuzhou University 嘤嘤嘤novation
  Third prize Names not listed in order Nanjing University Of Aeronautics And Astronautics NRC
Beijing University Of Chemical Technology 777
Guangdong Ocean University 智控Robot
Shanghai Jiao Tong University 精锐克星
National University of Defense Technology AlmostHuman
Harbin Engineering University Nooploop创梦之翼
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology RoboIRS
Huazhong University Of Science And Technology 狼牙瓦力
Tsinghua University XL
Technical University of Munich Pluto
Taiyuan University Of Technology TRoMaC_2
Jimei University 九黎
Hefei University Of Technology 苍穹
Taiyuan University Of Technology TRoMaC_1
Hubei University Of Technology 力创Rx
Beijing Institute Of Technology G
Tsinghua University 琅琊山
  Honorable prize Names not listed in order Zhejiang Sci-tech University SCR
Foshan University 醒狮
Shantou University 光高之光
Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin) 黑车
Xiangtan University 求学者
Yulin University 将来科技
Hubei University Of Technology 阿对对
Wuhan University Of Science And Technology 崇实
University Of Science & Technology Beijing 银河护卫
Changchun University Of Technology 扫地僧
Changzhou University Climber
University Of Science & Technology Beijing 做的都对
Hangzhou Dianzi University Carnation
Beijing Institute Of Technology Dream Chaser
Nanchang University 中国移不动
Tsinghua University 阳光男孩沃德发
Huizhou City College 东江
Taiyuan University Of Technology TRoMaC_3
Taiyuan University Of Technology TRoMaC_4
Taiyuan University Of Technology TRoMaC_5

Congratulations! Thank all of you for participating in this competition! We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Rules Overview

RMUS at its core allows participants to win points by coding remotely for a modified RoboMaster EP to run automatically in an official game field. Each game lasts for five minutes, where robots rearrange minerals based on the information shown on the exchange tags to earn points. Participants will be ranked by their total points won.

Rules Manual (English): RoboMaster 2022 University Sim2Real Challenge Rules Manual v1.0

Rules Manual (Chinese): RoboMaster 2022 高校Sim2Real挑战赛比赛规则手册v1.0


  Prize Ranking Quantity     Awards
  Grand price First place 1
  • Achievement certificates (for each member)
  • $5,000 pre-tax
  First prize Second place 1
  • Achievement certificates (for each member)
  • $3,000 pre-tax
Third place 1
  • Achievement certificates (for each member)
  • $2,000 pre-tax
Fourth place 1
  • Achievement certificates (for each member)
  Second prize 5-8 4
  • Achievement certificates (for each member)
  Third prize Teams that have passed the technical assessment but not advanced to top 8 Multiple (to be determined based on the results of all teams)
  • Achievement certificates (for each member)
  Honorable award Teams that have submitted codes for simulation but not passed the technical assessment Multiple
  • Achievement certificates (for each member)

AIR Sim2Real Committee

Guyue Zhou (AIR, Tsinghua)
Xianyuan Zhan (AIR, Tsinghua)
Jiangtao Gong (AIR, Tsinghua)
Hao Zhao (Intel)
Jie Song (ETH)

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